Founded in 1979, De Medici sources specialty foods crafted by artisans who produce the finest quality the world has to offer. De Medici was the first to introduce Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil to the United States retail market. In the more than 42 years since, the company has been a leader in taste education for the specialty food community.

In 2007, De Medici joined the Gellert Global Group to find a wider audience for their specialty products. In 2015, De Medici officially became a part of Atalanta. Through growth and change, De Medici has remained committed to its core mission -to honor a rich legacy of traditional high quality artisan food production passed down for generations.



De Medici connects our producers with American retailers.  Our team of culinary and retail experts travels the globe to explore trends to discover the very best, and to bring it back to the United States. We are deeply passionate about what we do. We are committed to both innovation and authenticity, and offer superb service to our suppliers and to our customers.

From premium extra-virgin olive oil made from handpicked, organic olives to vinegars slow-aged in wooden casks to fine rice, pasta, mustards, sea salt and spices, we are proud to offer the best foods from around the world.

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