Benedetto Cavalieri
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Benedetto Cavalieri Organic Whole Wheat Fusilli

Pack/Case Size 10/ 1.12 LBS Italy
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  • Organic
  • Artisan Produced for over 100 years
  • Produced in Puglia

Discover Benedetto Cavalieri's Organic Whole Wheat Fusilli. 

  • Quality and innovation in every step of the pasta-making process
  • A rigorous selection of the highest-quality Italian durum wheat
  • Long kneading and slow pressing preserve nutrition and give it its characteristic chewiness

Organic whole wheat pasta made from the most suitable varieties of 100% Italian durum wheat, skillfully produced using the “Delicate Method”. The result is a signature pasta with great tooth and a strong wheat flavor.


From the Apulia region in Italy, Benedetto Cavalieri pasta is considered one of the world's highest-quality authentic durum wheat pasta. Since 1800, the Cavalieri Family has grown wheat in the heart of Apulia. In 1918, the Mill and Pasta Factory Benedetto Cavalieri began his mission to craft First Choice Pasta.  


11-12 minutes

  • Organic Yes
  • Whole Wheat Yes
  • Country of Origin Italy
  • Region APULIA
  • Durum Wheat Semolina Yes
  • Unit size 1.1 LB
Organic whole durum wheat flour
Contains: WHEAT
May contain SOY
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